B’lkaar Singh


B’lkaar Singh was born in London, England in 1973. His parents were Sikh immigrants from rural India, who by endeavour and enterprise, were able to send their son to Merchant Taylors’ public school. There, he became disillusioned with conventional education and society’s elite. After dropping out of university, he joined his father to work in the family grocery business and was soon married. By his mid twenties, B’lkaar Singh had reached the low point of his life when his marriage of two years broke down. Then one night in 1999, while repeating the mantra ‘WAHEGURU’, a profound metamorphosis took place in him, prompting him to write his first book, ‘falling in love with Love’. His book uniquely and poetically narrates the revelations brought by this life changing event. Although B’lkaar Singh has no allegiance to any organised religion, he has been baptised into the Akaali Nihung Order, a brotherhood of mystical knights, adept in the practise of meditation and the martial arts. Since writing his book, the author has co founded the L.O.V.E. (Local Organic Voluntary Economies) Project. This promotes community, ecological harmony, local and sustainable economies, alternative education and health programmes. B’lkaar Singh also works in the security industry and has a career in modelling. He lives in Oxfordshire and is happily remarried with three children.

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“something has been stirring inside me
a whisper is thawing the silence
a voice is making itself clearer
an echo that does not tire
i have a dream

the voice within has taken my tongue
the dream inside has possessed my hands and mind
the dream i was having, now has me
the dream was mine, now i am the dream’s
the dream was in me, now i am in the dream

the dream will not stop dreaming till the dream is spoken
the speech will not stop speaking till the speech is written
the writing will not stop writing till the writ is acted upon
the action will continue till the dream comes true
the action will continue till the dream stays true
the dream is L.O.V.E.

i have already written of Love.  i have already written of what comes from inside me and how i feel.  i have already taken you to the deepest part of me and shared with you my intimacies and all things inner.  

i have already wrapped my feelings in words and gifted them to you.  You have already heard Love’s voice speak to you.  but Love will not stop there, Love will not be Love if it stays wrapped in words.

 Love will not be Love if it is bound by covers and stuck on shelves.  Love will not be contained this way.  the voice which has spoken to you, wants to reveal its face to you.  

Love wants that you be able to see Her beauty, be able to taste Her sweetness, be touched by His strength.  now i shall translate my feelings into actions.  now let there be L.O.V.E.   

The L.O.V.E. Project began because it was not enough for me to write a book, it was not enough for Love to be contained. So the words had to become physical.

They had to manifest themselves for those who do not understand poetry, for those who need Love to be more than that.

For those who are hungry, lonely, sick and tired, for those whose needs require more than words, Love became L.O.V.E.”

B’lkaar Singh

CONTACT:  info@fallinginlovewithlove.co.uk







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